Sehran and Swift Brigadier Mu2 & Mu2 Special Edition

  • Posted on 24 August 2020

Based in Sydney Australia, Serhan+Swift is a formidable band of loudspeaker designers with 100 years of combined experience, and one simple focus: build loudspeakers that reproduce music in such a way that it transcends the unachievable: “realism”, “belief”, “put the band in the room”, "transport me there" - the holy grail...


Design Brief Must Haves

  • A sense of scale, size and space ("imaging" and "soundstage") representa- tive of the musical performance and that belies the speaker's size
  • Off-axis "power response" and room interaction, from near field to far (reverberant) field have all been carefully considered for ease of place- ment ("room friendly") and a less critical listener position ("sounds good everywhere")
  • Easy to drive - good efficiency, generous power handling and a benign impedance curve (which determines the electrical demands placed on the amplifier) for compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers - solid state,tube, high or low power
  • Sonically disappear with no cabinet signature (cabinet should not contribute to acoustic output)
  • Be accurate and believable - communicate every nuance of the performers' intent to the listener
  • Be involving, induce foot tapping by correct timing
  • Allow the listener to hear deep into a recording layer by layer, without artificially highlighting any individual aspects
  • Bass that is articulate and "fast", allowing complex passages to be followed, rather than artificially boosted to the point that it is boomy and "bloated", causing the notes to "blur" together
  • Must not hype treble searching for false detail
  • Total lack of listener fatigue

         “you gotta wanna listen..."

The Recipe - mu2 and mu2 SE (Special Edition)

"5 days to conceive - 5 years to perfect"

The Serhan+Swift team searched long and hard and tested many designs over a 5 year R&D period before settling on the final design ingredients.

One of the most crucial aspects of any loudspeaker is the driver selection. In a search for the best performing and lowest distortion drive units, the renowned Scan-speak loudspeakers of Denmark -premium Revelator series - was finally select- ed for both the bass-midrange driver and ring-radiator tweeter. These drivers are also found in much more expensive speakers from high-end companies such as Wilson Audio, Sonus Faber and others—some costing well over $50K. Their use in a speaker at this price point is unheard of - pun intended!

After extensive experimentation with low and high-order crossover configurations, a high-order crossover was ultimately chosen allowing for steeper slopes, to keep the drive units in their respective “power bands” and minimise out of band distortion. Whilst this increases component cost dramatically the audible benefits are very obvious.

Nothing is left to chance - only the best components are used including Solen capacitors and even these are hand value trimmed and pair-matched. Air-core inductors are supplied over-wound and then custom trimmed exactly to the desired value. This time consuming attention to detail ensures that every single mu2 SE provides the same exacting performance.

The mu2 SE is clearly not a production line speaker - every unit is meticulously hand crafted. The mu2 SE further benefits from carefully considered use of super high-end Auricap XO capacitors, carefully selected after 1000’s of man-hours of critical listening and measurement. However, components are not selected simply on the basis of brand or reputation - synergy is key. They have to perfectly suit the application.

Bass and treble crossovers are kept separate and hand wired, point to point, then silver soldered on 5mm thick high den- sity substrates. Proprietary micro vibration control is also applied here. These measures reduce unwanted noise and dis- tortion even further.

The Cardas brand terminals are high purity copper with rhodium plating. Expensive, but audibly superior, reliable, and long lasting. (Nothing has been overlooked. Attention to detail means you hear the detail.


Now we are really cooking..

All of the above would be pointless without an impeccable cabinet with commensurate attention to design and quality.

Painstakingly engineered, the mu2 SE cabinet employs "dual layer hybrid" construction: an inner enclosure is constructed from panels of 12mm to 19mm thick birch ply, (specified for its constrained layer damping properties, this material dissi- pates energy without transmitting it, nor storing and then releasing it), while the 6mm outer layer comprises hand select- ed New Guinea Rosewood. This and the bonding layer provide additional noise suppression. Finally, the cabinet is hand oiled to bring out its unique high quality natural finish.

The mu2 SE cabinet is entirely handcrafted in Sydney by a specialist artisan cabinetmaker.

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Sehran and Swift mu2