Leema Acoustics Event at Martins Hi-Fi

  • Posted on 20 August 2020
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Leema Acoustics has a rich legacy stretching back to the BBC where Leema's two founders work as engineers, gaining extensive knowledge of the recording chain and the challenges involved. Lee and Malory investigated both loudspeakers and electronics that remain faithful to the original instruments and vocal performance characteristics as such Leema does not have a house sound and would never claim to add artificial character.

Our event will investigate products capable of providing a crystal clear looking glass into the recording studio. 

Products to be demonstrated will include.

  • Leema Tucana 2 Anniversary Amplifier with an Elements Streamer as a source.
  • Sirius streaming music server / Leema Libra DAC/Pre-amp with driving a Hydra II power amplifier. 
  • We will use loudspeakers from the Serhan & Swift starting with the amazing Brigadier mu2 and as an extra treat, the second part of the demonstration will be performed using the ultra-rare Serhan & Swift BA2's (one of only 4 pairs in the world) the first time the speaker has been used at a public demonstration.
  • Les Davis Audio material will also be deployed.


Another area of discussion will be the all-important optimization of speaker placement. 

Under our mantra of let the music play, there will be no PowerPoint presentation

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Private Demo available 9th-12th September