Demo Room

Modern Living

Inspired by modern living our new demonstration room has been designed and built to inspire you, and allow you to imagine new equipment in your own home. This room represents a blend of comfortable modern family room design with a high-end home cinema, both elements engineered to blend together seamlessly. 

the lounge area including a sofa, armchair, window and ipda control unit at martins hifi demo room.

The room also benefits from smart home automated control technology, with both the outside blinds and curtains controlled via smart technology.


We are embracing that rooms have more than one capability, concealed high-end cinema equipment can complement your own living room style and architectural features.

The smart technology element has been installed to highlight how you control your home, the same tablet can control the streaming services from MQA, Tidal, and Spotify, plus preprogrammed actions allowing your room to darken lights, close curtains, and blinds, all programmed to happen so you can enjoy 4k cinema. Choose from either your system, Sky Q or movie streaming sites.

Our demonstration studio has also been acoustically treated with bass trapping and reflective materials to ensure you hear the music as the artist intended.

touchscreen control on ipad, with cinema screen in the background
Avalon PM2 Speakers with Vitus Audio Amp

Inspired by great products