Linn LP12 Servicing

Servicing & Upgrades

Martins Hi-Fi Fixed Price Linn LP12 Sondek Servicing Plans

Mini Service £130

Your LP12's health check starts with an investigation; determining the mechanical age and overall status of the turntable, including any previous upgrades and replacement parts.


Health Check to Determine:

  • - What Options are fitted,
  • - Overall Condition,
  • - Report any Mechanical / Electrical Issues to Client,
  • - Replace Mains Plug "if unsafe",


our original Linn Sondek lp12 turntable, showing  the arm and corner of the deck

Work to be completed

  • Change Bearing Oil,           
  • Check Spindle for wear,
  • Rebalance Suspension,
  • Inspect and Clean Belt,
  • Inspect and Clean Motor Pulley,
  • Clean and inspect Stylus for Excessive Wear,
  • Check / Adjust Cartridge Alignment,
  • Rebalance Arm To Manufacturers Specification,
  • Clean Deck, Refit Felt Mat and Perform Audio Test.
small image of the Linn Sondek logo

Full Service: £260

Our full service comprises of everything listed in the Mini Service as well as a full strip-down and rebuild of your LP12 as well as replacement of the following:

  • carbon steel suspension springs,
  • rubber grommets,
  • locknuts,
  • mudguard washers.

Servicing Intervals:

We recommend that the Mini Service is performed every 2 years and the Full Service every 4 years.

new linn lp12 front on

Servicing & Upgrades