Design & Installation Services

Our ethos is to listen, design, install, and services whilst providing the very best in customer support and service at every stage of the process.

Martins Hi-Fi has been installing Luxury Smart Home and Home Cinema projects for over 20 years, our installers, designers, and programmers are fully trained and accredited by CEDIA.  With 2 demonstration rooms in our Norwich showroom, we can help showcase the art of what is achievable when integrating technology into your projects.

Our experienced staff will work with you to facilitate your needs, lifestyle, and expectations ensuring these are at the core of the design. Planning, networks, infrastructure, wired & wireless connections will all provide a solid foundation for your project.

Meridian DSP speakers in white in a living room
Thor Ragnarok on Meridian Home Cinema with two white dsp speakers either side of the projector screen

Your Aftercare Services at Martins Hi-Fi

We always ask ourselves if there is another way, a better way one which benefits you. At the point you are ready to go ahead, we have to ensure we deliver the utmost in quality, the best in service, and exceed expectations at every point.

The simple truth is that we recognise our relationship with you must go further than the install. Your system has to be built and installed in a way that can stand up to everyday use, be easy to use, and ultimately allow you to get the most out of it.

Every connected home or home cinema installation is unique, bespoke and tailored not only to your home but to your family as well.

Martins Hi-Fi AfterCare Logo

Martins Hi-Fi invests in engineer training and your engineer will be with you every step of the way. CEDIA trained and accredited means you are guaranteed a level of service and standard which we pride ourselves on.

Your aftercare must always be on this level. Aftercare starts the day we sign the system over and includes training you and your family to get the most out of your investment.

We have developed our service standards over the last 20 years to ensure you are always able to trust us and trust our work.

Each development, home, or room is unique, and as such your aftercare is too.

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