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Elizabeth Gould

Elizabeth's passion for her father's business began at a young age. Starting as a Saturday girl at just 12 years old, she eagerly fit 3-pin plugs to equipment, meticulously checked styli under the microscope, and boxed up equipment before heading off to support her favorite football team, Norwich City, at Carrow Road.

Today, as the leader of Martins Hi Fi, Elizabeth's vision has transformed the brand into a forward-thinking powerhouse. With a renovated shop floor and two redesigned demo rooms, she has put her stamp on the industry and paved the way for success. Elizabeth's dedication extends beyond her own business, as she also serves as a passionate promoter of Clarity, the Hi-Fi Trade Association, and continues to foster strong relationships with retailers and manufacturers alike."


General Manager

Marcus Harbord

Marcus joined Martins Hi-Fi in 1987 and has experience in all aspects of the company business of Premium Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, and custom installation.

With his many years of experience, Marcus makes life easier for customers by providing first class project management and taking responsibility from the simple to the most complex projects.  Marcus has a passion for high-quality HiFi and being up to date with the latest Smart Home & Home Cinema Technology. 

He says, “I really enjoy talking to people about new advances and helping them to get the most from their systems”

Marcus is married with two children and enjoys Fine Art, DIY and playing Squash and is a keen NCFC fan.

Sales Consultant

Jack Capon

After 6 years in the industry Jack has decided up sticks from his home town of Reading to join Martins Hi-Fi in a refreshed pursuit of all things audio-visual. He can help with everything from two channel audio to Dolby Atmos AV.

His own personal Hi-Fi journey started with Cyrus Audio and gradually has developed to envelope the likes of KEF, Bowers and Wilkins, The Chord Company and Linn audio. He also has gained great experience working with Arcam AV receivers where Dirac Room Calibration has become part of his day to day.

Where critical listening takes up much of his time at work, recording and the experimentation of sound production takes precedent in his spare time. He also has his own recording studio where he likes to bridge the gap between listener and creator.

Sales Consultant

Sam Runham

Following a successful 5 years in Hi-Fi retail consultancy and a previous life in music and production, Sam continues his dedication to work and play in music as he joins the Martins team. Sam is a keen golfer, training in martial arts and a self-admitted foodie.


His experience of frontline technical support in Hi-Fi and his abilities in the studio to coax the very best musical performances make him a real asset to the company. Previously working for Naim/Focal. Sam thrives off demonstrating the possible depths of music, both sonically and emotionally. Expect exceptional customer focus and musical knowledge as he guides you through your dream Hi-Fi setup.

Sales Consultant

Chris Brown

Chris Brown - Biography

Chris Brown, a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, studied graphics and has always had a passion for audio. Although his interest in audio was strong, he never quite had the means to pursue it during his university years.

Chris began his career at John Lewis, an experience that sparked his interest in investing time into his newfound passion for audio. His first audio system was a modest £80 setup from Facebook Marketplace, and he still treasures a Mission subwoofer from the 1990s as a symbol of what ignited his interest.

While working at John Lewis, Chris frequently passed by Martins Hi-Fi and was captivated by the Nautilus speakers in the window, fueling his desire to expand his knowledge in home cinema. During his tenure at John Lewis, he worked directly for Samsung, where he gained invaluable experience in the latest technology and high-end electronics. This role was pivotal in developing his expertise in home cinema systems.

After his time with Samsung at John Lewis, Chris transitioned into the high-end vehicle sales industry. This move taught him the importance of understanding customer needs and values, further refining his service skills.

Chris's ability to communicate with anyone in any situation was honed at John Lewis, where he learned the importance of excellent customer service and partnership values. These skills became integral to his career development and his approach to customer interactions.

Seeing an opportunity to merge his passions and expertise, Chris applied to Martins Hi-Fi. If given unlimited resources at home, he would create a dedicated cinema room with full Dolby Atmos surround sound, an 8K projector, and even a popcorn machine for the ultimate viewing experience.

Chris has a deep appreciation for audio, particularly his vinyl collection of classic jazz. He uses a Pro-Ject Carbon turntable, admiring its aesthetics, feel, and modular approach, which he likens to the Linn LP12 pathway.

His love for film and music was nurtured by his family. His Aunt was a significant figure in the London Advertising Industry, working alongside Ridley Scott. Chris grew up hearing captivating stories of movie premieres and meeting stars, which further fueled his passion for the entertainment world.



Kevin Mayes

With his knowledge of IT, Programming, CAD, etc, as well as the latest custom installation procedures and trends, Kevin has the all round skills and ability to maximise the potential of any project to the customers advantage.

In his spare time Kevin is a keen photographer, movie buff and of course Hi-Fi enthusiast.

Kevin says, “I try to do my very best to meet my customers expectations and I know good service makes all the difference.”

Senior Installer

Russell Hughes

From the early days of Home Cinema Russel has been passionate about the subject and technology, developing an extensive knowledge in the field.

Starting in the HiFi department in Hughes TV & Audio (now Hughes Electrical) at the age of 13 he started to develop a strong interest in all things cinema and control. After a short period working in telecoms and datacoms, he transitioned back to home technology working for various distributors as a technical support engineer and installer, both building cinemas and supporting home tech dealers all over the country.

Now with Martins Hi-Fi Russel is enjoying the buzz of designing and building high-spec systems for clients' homes.

Installation Engineer

Paul Howard

Paul has a passion for AV, after 9 years of on-site installation he opened his own dedicated Rack Building company.

Having a passion for the industry is a great help as technology changes so quickly its not just installation but dedicating many hours to training and accreditation.

Paul has completed his Rako training and is ready to bring some new style and inspiration to all of our future projects.

Welcome on board and we look forward to some beautiful racks and wiring.

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