Media Rooms

What is a Media Room?

White tv cabinet with two black speakers either side
TV on wall in living room with in-wall speakers
TV mounted in the wall above a fireplace

The simplest explanation of a media room is a multi-purpose room in your house, often your lounge. At Martins Hi-Fi we aim to design a room which caters for your whole family. 

The most important element is how you and your family want the room to perform. At the very start of the design process, we ask you which room you wish to use and how it will fit the needs of your family.

Depending on your requirements you may think that a projector and screen are not exactly what you want. We understand people have different needs, which is why a Media Room is becoming one of our fastest-growing installation styles.

Traditional television, combined with upgraded audio and equipment to make the most of SKY Q, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services is a popular choice. Upgrading the Wi-Fi to help ensure all of your devices in your home continue to work even when your family is all online and all using different devices.

The backbone of your home is your Wi-Fi/ data network and a media room is a very good way of making the most of modern streaming, music, voice control, and lighting. All housed in one place and controlled by you via smartphone, screen, or tablet.

Mirror Frame TV above mantel piece showing Rugby world cup

Your media room should embrace the latest TV technology, such as integrated streaming services, smart tv's, voice control and gesture control to name just a few examples. Our team will walk you through all of your options including 4K, 8K, HDR and upscaling and help you achieve the best room for you.

Televisions are available in all shapes and sizes, however, they have also become an element of interior design. TV automation, hidden screens, and mirrored televisions have all become more popular allowing you to blend your television into the design of your room. 

Media Room Audio

Sound helps bring your favourite programs to life, much like a quality Hi-Fi allows you to hear tracks as the artist intended. Some media rooms combine hi-fi systems into the setup so they can be used to enhance your televisions sound. 

Sonos, Bowers & Wilkins & Triad are great examples of your options, each at a different price point, each has strengths and weaknesses and each allows you different options when thinking about if you want your speakers on show, hidden, on-wall or in-ceiling. They also allow one other crucial factor, the ability for the system to grow, and have the possibility to become part of your overall smart home.

A media room at first glance can be a wonderful way to enhance your enjoyment of television and music, a Martins HiFi media room can also allow you the flexibility to extend your technology throughout your home. 

Controlling Your Media Room

Multi function smart home controller with touch screen display in silver on a desk

A dedicated custom programmed all-in-one system remote control can be included in your design specification. This provids you and your family with an extremely easy to use solution, utilizing the television screen display as the graphical user interface.

The remote integrates all video sources required including Sky, Blu-ray / DVD, streaming providers such as Netflix and Amazon, games consoles, and various smart TV features. CD and music streaming control are also available and simple to operate.

As the remote is connected to your Wi-Fi it can download constant updates, new apps, new streaming providers, and security updates. A simple solution that allows you to move away from multiple controllers and multiple apps, no more need for plug-in sticks, hard to navigate menus, and switching from source to source to find the right channels for what you want to watch.

Media Rooms at Martins Hi-Fi