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Established over 50 years ago in 1968 by brothers Mike & Ted, today Martins Hi-Fi is still a family-run business led by Ted's daughter Elizabeth Gould and has evolved into East Anglia's leading high-end dealership. specialising in audio equipment from some of the world's best manufacturers.

You benefit from our audio expertise to enable you to select the right equipment for you and your home. Our aim is to build a relationship with you and ensure you are provided with long-term listening pleasure.

Technology has moved on with streaming services evolving, turntables coming back into the mainstream, and portable audio becoming one of the fastest-growing areas we have seen for decades. 

We continue to stock the latest products from Naim Audio, Linn, Rega, KEF, Bowers & Wilkins, and Meridian Audio, and also supply leading-edge specialist equipment including Entreq, Chord Cables, Solidsteel, and many more manufacturers from around the world.

Ultimately, buying a Hi-Fi system is all about you and the emotional connections you make with the music. Our aim is to make everything sound better, whether it is streaming music, connecting to a virtually unlimited music library from a phone or tablet, or playing music in every room. We only sell products that offer the finest possible subjective performance in terms of music reproduction.

Specialising in Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Smart Home. Martins Hi-Fi is built on a solid reputation for supplying the latest in high technology products, expert installation service, and personalised pre and after-sales care.

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Demo Room

Experience the best in sound quality at Martin's Hi-Fi's demo room. Our expert team will guide you through the latest technology and help you find the perfect Hi-Fi system for your needs. This room represents a blend of comfortable modern family room design with a high-end home cinema, both elements engineered to blend together seamlessly. 

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Home Evaluation

Home Evaluation at Martins Hi-Fi has launched a wide range of product types and brands available to both new and existing customers. We can deliver products or have them sent via courier, each loan is put together on an individual basis to make sure the conditions meet your exact needs.

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Music Streaming

Martins Hi-Fi sell an incredible mixture of one box solutions from companies such as Naim, Linn, Cyrus, Melco & dCS. The main question we ask is "do you want to maintain your CD collection?" Years ago we had thousands of CDs to transfer onto HiFi systems, today however it is a rare occurrence. 

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High Res Music

What is High Res Music? Generally, when you purchase songs from iTunes or Amazon you are buying MP3s, these are also known as “lossy” compressed files. Audio Bit Rate is the term used to compare the amount of data. Kbps stands for kilobits per second (thousands of bits per second) and is a measure of bandwidth (the amount of data that can flow in a given time). The Audio Bit Rate for a CD is 1411 kbps whereas the average mp3 download is only 256kbps. This can explain why you often feel that digital media files can feel flat and limp.

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HiFi Brands

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Linn LP12 Servicing

Your Linn LP12 turntable health check starts with an investigation; determining the mechanical age and overall status of the turntable, including any previous upgrades and replacement parts.

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Turntables at Martins Hi-Fi

If you are looking to buy your first or upgrade to a high-end turntable we can guide you through the brands, and help you find the correct tonearm and cartridge. Look no further for your future turntable setup.

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High-End Hi-Fi