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Home Evaluation at Martins Hi-Fi


Home Evaluation at Martins Hi-Fi has launched with a wide range of product types and brands available to both new and existing customers.

Initially trialed during the first lockdown, we have seen a lot of interest for this service to be expanded to include other types of products from Speakers to Amps, plus the inclusion of more and more brands.

Home Evaluation is exactly that, your chance to audition your next system upgrade, new speakers or music streaming devices. In these unorthodox times, we have seen the high street evolve at a staggering pace. 


rega planar 10

The process is simple, pick a product or contact us for advice and recommendations on suitable products, we will explain all the T&C’s of the Home Evaluation process. We will either ship directly from our warehouse or supplier to avoid delay.

The next step is up to you, we recommend booking a follow up Skype or Video call, this way we can help ensure the equipment is installed so it performs to the best of its ability. Its also a good chance for you to pick our brains about anything else Hi-Fi system related. We can recommend playlists for you to enjoy to put your kit through its paces, and we will also call at the end of the loan (this will be pre-booked), to see how it went, and tick the boxes so you can keep the equipment.



Martins Home Evaluation is perfect tool to acompany a demonstration, installing the potential equipment in your home allows you to access the true potential of the upgrade, experience the impact of new speakers in your home environment, or even re-discover your passion for vinyl music.

Home evaluation has also allowed new and existing customers to access new equipment throughout lockdowns, or for people who would prefer not to visit the shop. We can deliver products or have them sent via courier, each loan is put together on an individual basis to make sure the conditions meet your exact needs.



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Terms and Conditions available here 

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