New Naim for Bentley Special Edition Mu-so 2nd Generation

  • Posted on 16 September 2020

The New Naim for Bentley Soecial Edition Mu-so 2nd Generation

Bentley has a style, one of luxury and opulence. The DNA of Bentley's design has been recreated by Naim and the Mu-So 2nd Generation has been given a very Bentley esc makeover. Dark Ayous wood gives the system depth and impact whilst its contracting copper heatsink and accents bring to life the excitement of Bentley's heritage. And the lattice design on the volume control allows you to sink into the luxurious leather seat quilting.

All this comes with a Bentley price tag of £1,799 but Bentley and Naim have created something which blends engineering, design, and opulence into a single piece of Hi-Fi.

Naim at Martins Hi-Fi

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