Will 2021 be a Classic Year?

  • Posted on 4 January 2021

It is great to begin 2021 with some good news, we are proud to announce the Naim Audio Classic Range is available at Martins Hi-Fi.

The multi-award-winning range is in our showroom, including the Supernait 3NAP 200 DRNAC 202 and the NDX 2. They are available for immediate delivery.

So, whether you are building a complete system or taking your first steps into separates hi-fi, you will find unparalleled clarity, tone and musical depth.

Retailing has evolved over the last 12 months, our events (when possible) have changed, more and more communications are done via zoom or for customers who want to look at different products we have seen WhatsApp video calls become very popular.

Recently we launched our Home Evaluation service. The process is simple, pick a product or contact us for advice and recommendations on suitable products and we will explain all the T&C’s of the Home Evaluation process. We will either ship directly from our warehouse or supplier to avoid delay.

Click & Collect is available for all customers, to ensure COVID19 Safety we will instruct you where and when you can collect from. Online sales continue, either as Click & Collect or delivered from us or the manufacturer.

Our engineers will be available to help with your systems and we will also be available to help you setup your systems remotely, or in your home where allowed.

Hopefully we will be allowed to open the doors soon, but until then you can keep in touch with us online on our website or via our social media channels.

Stay safe and Happy New Year.

Elizabeth Gould

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Happy New Year