Naim Supernait 3

  • Posted on 4 January 2021

Naim Audio's SUPERNAIT 3 has received many performance upgrades over the years in production. With the latest incarnation, you get an integrated phono stage, which partners many turntables very well.

The SUPERNAIT 3 is very much a "SUPER" integrated. Phenomenal power delivery, with subtleties when required. This amplifier really has everything to amaze you as the listener. The overall performance is just perfect.


With our typical obsessive attention to detail – all in service of achieving the most authentic musical performance – the SUPERNAIT 3 benefits from the following features:

  • Class A headphone amplification
  • Alps Blue Velvet volume control
  • Reed relay input selection
  • Ceramic insulators for the power transistors
  • Galvanically isolated microprocessor control section
  • Microphonic-isolating PCB mounts

In the six years since the last NAIT integrated amplifiers were released, our research and development team have worked on a range of amplifier improvements. The result is upgraded power amplifier sections for SUPERNAIT 3, delivering greater pace and intimacy to their musical delivery – whether it's driving a pair of loudspeakers or your favourite pair of headphones. SUPERNAIT 3 has received significant performance upgrades, including a built-in phono stage, making it a perfect partner for turntables, as well as for streamers, CD players, or any other music source people want to enjoy with the signature Naim sound.

It also includes a Class A preamp output stage which doubles as a headphone amplifier and ceramic heatsink technology that minimises capacitive coupling between the chassis and output transistors for optimum sound quality. Its inputs are each individually decoupled and hand-wired to minimise noise and interference while internal switching employs ultra-low-noise, constant current sources which are derived directly from the electronic design of the flagship NAC 552 preamplifier.

The SUPERNAIT 3 can be upgraded with our external power supplies, power amplifiers and even cabling upgrades to get the best from all sources. 

To see more details on the Naim Supernait 3 or to view the enitre Naim Audio catalogue 

Naim Supernait 3 at Martins Hi-Fi £3,499

Naim Supernait 3 at Martins Hi-Fi £3,499

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Supernait 3 available at Martins HI-Fi