Vimberg Range at Martins Hi-Fi

  • Posted on 11 March 2021

The beauty in simplicity.

Speed. Dynamic. Balance. These are attributes we demand for the ear such as for the eye, since it goes hand in hand for the result.
Creating a design and mastering the act between modern and fast fashion, which comes always with a best-before-date, is a delicately balanced act. All VIMBERG™ speakers come with a trademarked and unique design by an apparently simple and yet most difficult reduction to its purest essence: by following the essential function of the speaker and interpreting it state of the art.

Highend-loudspeaker from VIMBERG™ - more than the sum of its parts. Much more. For extraordinary results we use drivers with ultrastiff and very light diaphragms made out of diamond, ceramic and 3D-shaped honeycomb sandwich materials. All these parts are being installed into low-noise cabinets made out of literally heavy duty quality waterproof high density fiber laminate boards, being covered in resonance damping VIMBERG™-piano lacquer. And as heart of it we use only Mundorf and Duelund crossover parts. But all this is meaningless without perfect engineering and combining it to ultra linear frequency responses with best timing and the complete lack of the drivers diaphragm signature. Which is an unique part of each VIMBERG™ .

As always in life things are all about the little details. The details make the difference between good and excellent. For example each driver sits in a massive aluminum plate as a sandwich construction into the cabinet itself, since this hybrid-construction does have massive advantages over one material choice only.
Rigidity, resonance control, energy accumulation - each VIMBERG™ takes these things into account to reproduce music the most lifelike way.

VIMBERG loudspeakers are being build in a delicate balance out of most modern production technologies and machine work at one side, and skilled handwork on the other side. Other than our ultra exclusive bespoke TIDAL masterpieces, VIMBERG is using new internal procedures which we worked out to guarantee nonetheless an exquisite quality.

Making a product ok, good or exceptional is most and first above all an attitude. But this does not help with the missing skills to do so. VIMBERG™ has been praised right from the very beginning for an extreme attention to details, since this is what we do.
Experience silky velvet-chromed metal parts, immaculate fit and finish of all parts and an overall appearance beaten by only one brand - TIDAL. But in this case we think this is pretty fair - since it explains exactly the excellence of VIMBERG™.

VIMBERG at Martins Hi-Fi

vimberg range at martins hifi

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