Linn, a wig, then this happened!

  • Posted on 10 March 2021

A few weeks ago I asked for some images of our new orange Linn System, orange Majik 109 Speakers, our old faithfull LP12 Sondek has been given a new lease of life, and Solidsteel have created a unique pair of SS6 speaker stands, using the same paint code as the LInn products.

Personalisation has become more and more popular, and recently some of the high-end hi-fi manufacturers have started to allow customers to choose different colours and finishes. Our system is a slightly more extreme version of how you can embrace personalising your hi-fi. 

Classic blacks, silvers and greys will always be available, timeless design with a modern edge, but for people who prefer a little more colour, 2021 is a year when your hi-fi could make a bold statement, pink, green, yelow, the only limitation is your imagination. 

Martins HI-Fi




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