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  • Posted on 25 March 2022
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Trinnov Altitude 16

Introducing a new series of tutorials on the Altitude platform presented by David Meyerowitz from Trinnov at Invision UK Reference Cinema, in total five videos in total on all Altitude topics from the set-up configuration to the target curve

  1. Wizard Set-up
  2. Target Curve
  3. Source Config
  4. Excursion Curve
  5. Advanced Settings

A must-watch if you are a current or future Altitude user !


Martins Hi-Fi Cinema Upgrade

Our Meridian DSP Theatre System has been nestled discretely in our demonstration room for some time.  It has always sounded excellent with our Music DVD and Blu-Ray collection, but we have always wanted a little more. 

Welcome the Trinnov Altitude 16, this unique combination of Meridian digital active loudspeakers and immersive 3D sound has brought our cinema experience to a whole new level of excitement and refinement.

‘WOW, that is what I call a sonic transformation; our Meridian DSP Cinema has just become totally brilliant!’

The unique combination of Trinnov and Meridian is very special. We welcome you to come and experience our discrete, yet powerful Home Cinema for yourselves.

To experience Trinnov and discuss how it can improve your Home Cinema please contact us via the link below or in the chat box. You can also email or call 01603 627010

Trinnov Product Catalogue

trinnov altitude 16 front view

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