Saturday Sessions: CD Shootout May 11th

  • Posted on 29 April 2024
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Saturday Sessions: CD Shootout May 11th

You're not the only one who finds themselves gazing longingly at their overlooked CD collection. In a world filled with endless choices, your CDs remain a steadfast source of unparalleled sound quality and cherished memories. With each disc holding a wealth of familiar tunes and treasured moments, it's no wonder you're drawn to them time and time again.

So why not give your CDs the attention they truly deserve?

If you're curious to explore just how exceptional your CDs can sound, we invite you to join us on May 11th at Martins in Norwich. We'll be hosting a shootout featuring a selection of our favourite CD players, showcasing their ability to unlock the full potential of your beloved discs.

Feel free to BYOD (Bring Your Own Discs) and prepare to be amazed by the transformative power of quality audio equipment. Let us accompany you on a journey of rediscovery as we breathe new life into your music collection.


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CD Shootout at Martins Hi-Fi