Celebrating Richard and 45 Years at Martins Hi-Fi

  • Posted on 3 May 2024

Thank You Ricard.

After an incredible 45-year journey at Martin's Hi-Fi, Richard Cope bids farewell. Richard's tenure has witnessed the remarkable evolution of home cinema, hi-fi, and the burgeoning smart home sector, each stride reflecting his unwavering passion and dedication.

The atmosphere was bittersweet as colleagues and industry stalwarts gathered to celebrate Richard's career. Former employees, returning to pay their respects, shared heartfelt stories and reminisced about working alongside Richard.

While we bid farewell with a sense of nostalgia, we wish Richard all the best in his future endeavours. Thank you, Richard, for 45 years of dedication. Your presence will be missed, and your impact on Martins Hi-Fi appreciated and respected.

Martins Hi-Fi staff

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