REL HT1510 Predator 2 Subwoofer

  • Posted on 15 June 2022

John Hunter introduces the new REL 1510 Predator 2 Subwoofer £1,799

HT/1510 resets expectations for REL’s standard bearer, with a confident, sexy new look that meshes perfectly into the traditional REL family, while delivering significantly increased power and improved, well, just about everything. Predator II delivers upgraded performance across every performance category: 1,000-watt amplifier with PerfectFilter™ inputs, new 15” CarbonGlas™ driver that handles vastly more power, and confident, elegant styling not previously seen in home theatre designs. This encourages use in multi-REL systems, allowing blending with Serie T/x and Serie S.

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REL HT1510 Subwoofer