Meridian, Upgrades and Legacy Systems

  • Posted on 14 October 2020

Martins Hi-Fi is a long-standing Meridian retailer. We have a long-standing Meridian customer base.

Many of these customers own legacy Meridian equipment, alongside Meridian setups from today.

With technological advancements, we are often finding ourselves having to change key components of a system to ensure they are the latest specifications.

The great this with meridian is often many of their upgrades are software-based.

We visited a customer who bought a Special Edition pair of Meridian DSPs during Christmas of 2019. This included a Meridian 218 preamplifier for streaming high-resolution MQA files from Tidal.

During the visit to the customer who had a listen to the system before any upgrades were performed. The system sounded fabulous!

The two upgrades we performed were quite revolutionary. 

The big upgrade was on the Meridian DSP5200SEs – allowing for non-Meridian MQA sources to be plugged into the DSPs, thus the rendering is happening within the DSPs.

A further listen to the system cemented the qualities with this Meridian System.

One happy customer. One happy Meridian dealer.

Meridian at Martins Hi-Fi 

Meridian DSP5200se at Martins Hi-Fi
Meridian DSP5200se at Martins Hi-Fi

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