Meridian DSP8000 XE

  • Posted on 12 November 2021

The new Meridian DSP8000 XE

DSP8000 XE is the first product to emerge from Meridian’s groundbreaking Extreme Engineering Programme; a result of years of investment and research at the extreme edge of audio design and built upon the fundamental and unique elements of Meridian’s approach to delivering authentic, natural and lifelike sound.

A new design concept, Meridian’s Precision Sonic Transport, uses innovative techniques and processes which ensure the entire journey taken by an audio signal through a product maintains maximum sonic fidelity, so that the listener is immersed in authentic and realistic sound.

Meridian DSP8000 XE available at Martins Hi-Fi

Meridian Audio Products avaiable at Martins Hi-Fi

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Meridian DSP8000 XE