Melco becomes Roon Ready!

  • Posted on 16 September 2020

There’s some great news for Melco owners this month as we proudly announce that our EX Series of libraries will be Roon Ready from 14th September. We know from our mailbox that many of you already use Roon, so we’re delighted to be formally adding Roon Ready convenience to the Melco platform, to supplement our audiophile-grade Melco Intelligent Music Library (MIML) software package.

All models in our five-strong EX Series will gain Roon Ready convenience following a new firmware rollout (4.04). The new firmware is downloadable from our Global website  (USB download) from 14th September for immediate customer installation from the front panel, plus a further over-the-air update (4.10) is expected later in the year which will partly automate the process. Details of how to manually upgrade your EX Series library in just a few simple steps, can be found in your user manual; these are also downloadable from our website, here.

We’re also pleased to announce that owners of legacy Melco units (i.e. non-EX Series libraries) are also very much included and can also receive the benefits of Roon when upgrading to the latest EX specification. Melco dealers will be able to advise on the best way to achieve the upgrade on an individual basis. Suffice to say, if you have an older Melco library, there has never been a better time to upgrade to the EX Series’ specification. 

Firmware-updated Melco libraries will allow Roon to operate (as an alternative to UPnP) when the library is configured with a USB DAC. Being Roon Ready means that Melco devices now integrate a customised version of Roon’s RAAT streaming technology directly into the device, providing the user with an incredible user interface, simple setup, rock-solid daily reliability and the highest levels of audio performance in the industry.

Melco General Manager Dan Raggett said, “I'm delighted to announce our partnership with Roon who has quickly made big strides in the audio market. Many Melco customers enjoy using Roon already, so combining the superb sound quality Melco is internationally known for plus Roon on the Melco platform, now brings a better-than-ever range of libraries to music lovers. Huge thanks should also go to the team in Japan (and the UK and US) for the hard work that has gone into bringing Roon to Melco.”

If you have any questions about Melco and Roon, or how to use Roon if you’ve not already tried it, contact us below and we will lend a helping hand.

Roon Download LINK

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