Linn Summer Promotion Sondek LP12 Upgrades

  • Posted on 3 June 2024
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Summer Promotion Sondek LP12 Upgrades

From June to August 2024, when you purchase a full-price upgrade for your Linn LP12, you will receive a 30% discount on any second upgrade purchased at the same time. This offer is designed to maximise your satisfaction by allowing you to improve multiple aspects of your turntable for exceptional value.

Additionally, until 30th June 2024, this promotion is extended to demonstration stock LP12 components at a special demo discount, enabling you to experience the upgrades firsthand and make an informed decision.

Key Upgrades for Your Linn LP12

The Linn LP12 is renowned for its modularity and upgradability. Here are some key upgrades that can significantly enhance your listening experience:

1. Power Supply / Motor Control
   - Lingo: Enhances speed stability and reduces noise.
   - Radikal: Offers exceptional speed control and noise reduction, available in Standard or Machined versions.

2. Tonearm
   - Arko: A precise and high-quality tonearm that improves tracking and sound accuracy.
   - Ekos SE: Crafted from titanium, it offers top-tier performance with exceptional detail retrieval.

3. Phono Stage
   - Urika / Urika II: Enhances signal amplification with digital processing capabilities for greater flexibility and precision.

4. Karousel Bearing
   - Provides smoother rotation and greater precision, significantly improving clarity and detail.

5. Sub-chassis
   - Kore: A one-piece aluminium sub-chassis that offers superior rigidity and stability.
   - Keel: An integrated sub-chassis, armboard, and tonearm collar for the ultimate in performance and detail.

6. Cartridge
   - Krystal / Kandid: High-quality MC cartridges that unlock more detail and nuance in your music.

Suggested Upgrade Bundles for Maximum Satisfaction

To help you make the most of this promotion, we suggest the following upgrade bundles tailored to different models and levels of performance:

- Vintage LP12: Karousel & Lingo
- Majik LP12 (pre-2020):Karousel & Lingo
- Majik LP12 (post-2020): Lingo & Kore
- Akurate LP12: Radikal & Keel, or Arko & Kendo
- Selekt LP12: Radikal & Keel
- Klimax LP12 (pre-2022): Radikal & Ekstatik

Take Advantage of This Limited-Time Offer

This summer promotion is a rare opportunity to elevate your LP12 turntable to new heights. Visit Martins Hi-Fi to explore these upgrades and experience the difference they can make to your vinyl listening experience. Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you choose the best upgrade pathway for your needs.

This promotion ends on 31st August 2024, so take advantage of these great savings and enhance your LP12 today.

For more information, contact us at Martins Hi-Fi or visit our store to see and hear the upgrades in action.


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