dCS Ring DAC APEX Video

  • Posted on 28 February 2022


For over 30 years, dCS has strived to bring people closer to the music they love, developing world-leading products and technologies that have transformed digital recording and playback. APEX is our latest innovation. Through exhaustive research and development, we’ve redesigned the hardware portion of the dCS Ring DAC™ — the proprietary digital-to-analogue conversion system found inside all dCS DACs — creating a new version that is even quieter and more linear than previous generations.

This, in turn, has allowed us to further enhance the performance of our Rossini and Vivaldi playback systems, and provide an even more revealing, absorbing and detailed musical experience. In this film, we talk with dCS Managing Director David Steven, Director of Product Development Chris Hales, and Technical Director Andy McHarg about the Ring DAC APEX, and our commitment to continual product development.

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