Smart Home Technology

Unobtrusive Integrated Technology


The clients were having a hi-tech Passivhaus being built. An old piggery on an overgrown site, was being replaced with a modern clad barn style eco house, surrounded by a newly planted garden, and open plan living area overlooking an attractive pond. Having worked at their previous home Martins were invited to come on board. The clients were looking to achieve a Smart home with integration of multi-room audio, video, lighting, gate entry, window shading and heating control with easy to use controls. A large family media room area was also required to complete the requirements list.


Our solution

We consulted with the clients and the various trades involved in the project as there were strict building regulations required for this type of build. The specification included a high-quality Wi-Fi network, Rako lighting and blind control system, using a Control4 Smart home system, including multi-room audio, 4k video and wiring infra-structure for potential future use. Special attention was made to the use of smart lighting, both inside and out to create elegant feel and practicality.


Design and installation

The Control4 Smart home system provided in-wall touchscreen panels in key locations around the property for lighting, music, gate and door entry, in addition to CCTV and intercom functionality. All-in-one Smart remote controls, along with tablets and smart phone using the Control4 App, are also used to operate TV systems in the various rooms. The lounge provided the perfect opportunity for us to design an audio-visual system on an available wall space. This was based on a large 4K television with discrete accompanying wall and ceiling mounted loudspeakers to create a feature media wall, to compliment the minimalist interior design.



With the completion of the project the clients were delighted with the unobtrusive smart home technology, and the integration of the numerous features all via easy to use Control4 system. We were asked to include scope for future upgrades and additions such as automated blinds and shading for the large glazed areas, along with further external architectural lighting around the pond and garden, plus a potential dedicated home cinema system on the first floor.

After a very interesting project we have extremity satisfied clients.

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