Vimberg Mino Loudspeaker

  • Posted on 22 June 2020

Vimberg Mino at Martins Hi-Fi available in store for demo and home evaluation.


It is great to be open and wonderful to be able to get boxes open and start planning for future events. One box we couldn't wait to break into was the Vimberg Mino Special Edition.

T. Frantzen, STEREO

"The extremely neutral and precise Mino plays in the uppermost echelons. Plasticity, dynamics and accuracy in exquisite material quality. Rather it is honest, and that’s what distinguishes the entire speaker. It embodies pure neutrality. The timing is almost unbelievable, as is the attention to detail and the pinpoint accuracy over the entire transmission range. Seamless dynamics, but also exquisite tonality should please the fans of classical music. In fact, this speaker is sensationally accurate, making it exciting and extremely fun!"

Welcome back to Martins Hi-Fi.

Vimberg Mino special edition

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