T+A HV Individual Range

  • Posted on 8 June 2020

Having a little colour in your life is not a bad thing, and for many many years, Hi-Fi in the UK has been a very black and white situation, with some dalliances into silver.

T+A has introduced the Individual Range, allowing you to order your HV series in any colour. You can order your HV devices painted in any RAL hue and many special paint types, such as car finishing lacquers. It is up to you to decide the colour to be applied to the case components and the heat-sinks or sheet metal covers. All you have to do is select the most pleasing colour for the printing on the front panel.

T+A is available at Martins Hi-Fi here. We also have the HV range available for demonstration in our Norwich. 

Just to note: This has been written during a pandemic, so demos are strictly limited to one person to maintain social distancing, however, you are welcome to sit and enjoy on your own in the demo facilities.

We are big fans of T+A, so if you need any advice on the range or which one would suit your system please contact us

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