STAX SRM-700T Vacuum Tube Headphone Amp

  • Posted on 15 February 2023
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Stax SR-700T

The Stax SR-700T is a high-end electrostatic headphone system manufactured by Stax, a Japanese audio equipment company. The system consists of the Stax SR-L700 headphones and the Stax SRM-700T driver unit.

The SRM-700T is a dedicated electrostatic headphone amplifier that is designed to provide high-quality sound and optimal performance for the SR-L700 headphones. The SRM-700T features a Class A amplifier and uses Stax's proprietary technology to drive the electrostatic drivers in the SR-L700 headphones. The system is known for its high level of detail, accuracy, and natural sound reproduction, making it a popular choice among audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand the highest level of sound quality from their headphones.

Experience the Stax Valve Amp and Earspeakers at Martins Hi-Fi Headphone & Amp event 17th & 18th March. You can book via email or use the chat box on the website.


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