SME Launch Event 25th April

  • Posted on 22 March 2024
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SME Launch Event

New for 2024 we are proud and delighted to welcome SME to the Martins Hi-Fi family. To celebrate we are holding a launch on the 25th April

Welcome to the launch event of SME Turntables at Martins Hi-Fi, featuring the exquisite Model 12 and Model 20 turntables. We will be pairing these turntables with the outstanding Vitus SIA 025 integrated amplifier and the mesmerising Avalon PM2.2 speakers. Also for an added bonus, explore the world of Sheter Cartridges for a truly immersive audio experience.

On the Day: Morning and Afternoon meet the team from SME

SME with Kat Ourlian at 3PM: Exploring the whys and hows of turntable setup. We have created a playlist of Kats best YouTube videos, giving you a sneak peak into this event. Click to view the playlist.

To book for the afternoon event with Kat Ourlain please mention when booking. Join us at Martin's Hi-Fi for an unforgettable launch event that celebrates the fusion of art and technology. Let the music speak for itself!

The Headliners

SME Model 6, Model 12 & Model 20 Turntables

Prepare to be captivated by the precision and craftsmanship of SME Turntables. The Model 12 and Model 20 are the epitome of sonic excellence, delivering a listening experience that goes beyond ordinary.Immerse yourself in the music as these turntables unveil the true essence of each note, ensuring an audio experience like never before.

Vitus SIA 025 Integrated Amplifier

Elevate your audio journey with the powerful synergy of SME Turntables and the Vitus SIA 025 integrated amplifier. Crafted with precision and a commitment to sonic purity, the SIA 025 takes your listening experience to new heights, ensuring a rich, vibrant, and true-to-life sonic landscape.

Avalon PM 2.2 Speakers

PRECISION MONITOR 2.2 (PM 2.2) is a full-range reference monitor designed specifically for superlative tonal and spatial accuracy. Recovery of fine low-level detail, without exaggeration or aggressive high-frequency etching, was our specific design goal. Accurate tracing of all waveform parameters within a dynamic energy field is the hallmark of PRECISION MONITOR 2.2, an elegant and truthful high-resolution transducer for home or studio.

Harmony Shelter Cartridge

Shelter’s flagship model, the Harmony, employs dry carbon fiber (CFRP) for the body shell. CFRP delivers a superb acoustic characteristic and is an ideal match with the newly designed motor assembly. This combination is capable of delivering a great musical reproduction even on records with less than optimal recordings.

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