Rotel Tribute

  • Posted on 12 November 2020

Rotel Tribute

Back in 1996, Marantz and Rotel were at the forefront of affordable Hi-fi, battling to take the crown as the best in class. Marantz CD63II KI Signature Vs Rotel RCD965BX Limited Edition, was the must hear demonstration for any budding Hi-fi enthusiast. 

Roll on almost 25 years; a few extra pounds around the waist, greying hair and a growing up family. Rotel looked back at this bygone era and hatched a plan to rekindle the spirit of battle, by enticing Ken Ishiwata to join with them to ‘hot rod’ the already successful Rotel CD11 and RA11 models.

In late 2019, with the project nearing completion, Ken suddenly passed away. Out of respect, Rotel approached Ken’s family to ask if they were happy for the project to continue. With their blessing, and support, plus the technical ability of Kens close friend and associate Karl-Heinz Fink, the project was signed off.

Staying true to Ken’s pursuit of audio excellence at an affordable price, Tribute was born.

A11 Tribute Integrated Amplifier £499

CD11 Tribute CD Player £399




 In Memory of Ken Ishiwata 1947-2019

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Rotel Tribute