Review Martins HiFi Installation

  • Posted on 8 July 2021

Cyrus Audio System HiFi Installation

Kit: My kit is Cyrus based and before the upgrade consisted of X-Power Amps, a CD, a DAC XP+, a Stream X and PSXRs. Ten units in two stacks, a lot of wiring! I now have 5 Cyrus units (major declutter) & a pair of Fyne Audio F703's.

Ian and Jack from Martins HiFi came to Felixstowe from Norwich arriving around 10:00 and stayed for most of the day. Both were completely professional in their work and wouldn't mind being interrupted when I asked questions. Both were happy to stay as long as it took to get equipment installed and most importantly took the time to get the very best location in the room for the speakers. There was an MC Bus issue during the build but that got sorted after a quick phone call.


There was also couple of extras:-

  1. Jack also rewired the second stack so that my daughter now has working system including speakers using some of my old kit.
  2. Unbeknown to me Ian had also popped a new XR Pre Amp into the van. When the system was sorted and all wired in, Ian mentioned the new pre amp. He had received very positive customer feed back regarding the new Pre Amp and asked me if I would like to hear it in action. Silly question!!! They wired the Pre Amp in and I have to agree with their customer reviews! I bought it!

Result 10 out 10, no question! Ian and Jack were professional. The new speakers are amazing. For me it's the detailing in the sound and the difference the new setup made even when I when I played a CD was astonishing!

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