Lowering the Noise Floor Event: the basics

  • Posted on 3 August 2022
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19th & 20th August Lowering the Noise Floor: the basics.

Join us and the great people from AIRT as we talk you through how to improve your system performance.

We are always looking for ways to get the very best performance out of our Hi-Fi and Home Cinema systems. Regardless of your budget, lowering the noise floor is a cost-effective way of improving the performance of your equipment, without replacing any of the major components.

Electrically, Mechanically, Acoustically

Electrically – From installing a dedicated mains ring, to specifically grounding individual components or cables. The aim is to reduce and control unwanted EMI/RFI present in our modern environment.

Mechanically – Decoupling, damping, and or isolating of the individual components within our systems. Something as simple as a Hi-Fi Rack or Isolation Platform will reduce the negative interaction between your components.

Acoustically – It is true to say that the largest component in any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system is the room. A rug laid on a wooden floor counts as acoustic treatment. Full room acoustic treatment is a little
more complicated, but essential if we want to achieve ultimate performance.

19th & 20th August at Martins Hi-Fi with AIRT Audio

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