Linn LP12 Klinik at Martins Hi-Fi on 3rd August

  • Posted on 10 June 2024
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Linn LP12 Klinik at Martins Hi-Fi on 3rd August


What is the Linn LP12 Klinik?

The Linn LP12 Klinik is an exclusive event that offers you the opportunity to enhance your LP12 turntable with expert guidance and personalised upgrades. Hosted by Linn representatives and our knowledgeable team, this event provides a unique chance to discuss your turntable’s upgrade path and experience firsthand the transformative power of Linn's latest components.

Personalised Consultations: Book a 20-30 minute slot with a Linn representative and our team to explore the best upgrade options for your LP12. Whether you’re considering a simple cartridge replacement or a more comprehensive upgrade, we are here to provide tailored advice and solutions.

Simple upgrades such as cartridge or tonearm replacements can be completed during your time slot. For more extensive upgrades, we will schedule a convenient time for the installation.

Discover the performance enhancements offered by the latest Linn components, including the Ekstatik MC Cartridge and Karousel Bearing Kit. These upgrades are designed to extract the finest details from your vinyl records, delivering an unparalleled listening experience.


Featured Upgrades

  • Ekstatik MC Cartridge: This state-of-the-art moving coil cartridge offers exceptional accuracy and detail retrieval, bringing a new level of clarity and realism to your music collection.
  • Karousel Bearing Kit: The Karousel bearing provides smoother rotation and greater precision, significantly enhancing the stability and sound quality of your LP12 turntable.

Book Your Slot: Secure your spot call 01603 627010 or email

During your consultation, discuss the potential upgrades for your LP12 and receive expert recommendations tailored to your specific setup and listening preferences. If you opt for simple upgrades, our team can install them during your session. For more complex upgrades, we will arrange a follow-up appointment at your convenience.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to elevate your LP12 turntable with the latest Linn upgrades. Book your slot today and join us at Martins Hi-Fi for a day dedicated to exceptional sound and vinyl enjoyment.

For more information, contact email or call 01603 627010 . We look forward to seeing you at the Linn LP12 Klinik!

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