Linn Krane Tonearm

  • Posted on 26 November 2020

Linn has announced the release of the new Linn Krane Tonearm, a superb upgrade that will be fitted to all new Linn Majik LP12 turntables. Combined with the new Karousel bearing, Krane adds significant performance to Majik LP12 compared to the previous configuration, making Majik LP12 even better value than before.

The new Krane tonearm for Majik LP12, boosts the performance of Linn's entry-level vinyl source in line with the recent Majik DSM enhancements, giving vinyl lovers an even greater value starter proposition and a chance to experience the iconic LP12 in an affordable package.

Linn Krane Tonearm available from Martins Hi-Fi
Linn Krane Tonearm fitted to Lp12 Majik available at Martins Hi-Fi

Key Features

  • Designed & built to Linn geometry and effective length
  • Static-balanced design featuring bearings designed for longevity and low friction / rotational mass
  • Anti-skating control via an easily accessible magnetic mechanism on the side of the tonearm
  • Easy, accurate set-up via a range of adjustments
  • 3-point headshell for correct Linn alignment geometry and compatibility with all Linn cartridges and most third-party designs.
  • 5-Pin DIN cable connection for use with all current Linn tonearm cables including Urika
  • Linn-designed arm collar to fit standard, Kore and Keel sub-chassis
  • Supplied with a stylus force gauge

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Linn LP12 at Martins Hi-Fi