Leema Acoustics Tucana II Anniversary

  • Posted on 16 June 2020

The standard Tucana II has won the hearts of many music enthusiasts around the world not to mention awards with its ability to deliver a faithful and transparent rendition of musical content, effortlessly detailed yet never breaking into fatiguing brightness, with amplifier power handling and over head to take on even the most challenging of speaker load characteristics.

Under the Leema mantra of “attention to detail, uncovering musical detail” we have developed a standalone anniversary range of products based on the existing “power-house” Tucana II dual mono block architecture. All Leema products are designed / hand built and tested in the U.K.


Leema Acoustics Tucana II Anniversary

Dual mono block architecture.

Whilst the vast majority of stereo amplifiers will use one single power transformer often multi tapped and also powering the pre-amp stage, the Tucana II platform deploys one electrically isolated power transformer per power amp channel totally removing the potential for dynamic crosstalk between channels, for instance the left channel could be running at full volume and this will have no affect on the power available for the right channel, we take this a step further by adding a separate transform- er for the pre-amp stage, electrically you are looking at a Pre-amp and 2 x mono blocks in one chas- sis.

Anniversary series - lifting the bar.


Key areas of the design have been scrutinized and analysed and the results are simply stunning.

  • The entire circuit board is now carrying a non-standard double thickness heavy track trace re- ducing the in circuit impedance electrically tying the components together. (clarity)
  • Nichicon Muse series capacitors are deployed at key areas (transparency)
  • 4 precision hand matched power transistors are deployed at the output of each mono amplifi- er allowing for a varnishy low output impedance (dynamic control)
  • 1 x Noratel xtra quiet power transformer per amplifier channel (power / low noise)
  • Silver soldered Leema Ref 1 cable used at board to terminal junctions (transparency)


Listening Notes .

With any given music genre we expect you the experience the Tucana II Anniversary as a absolutely transparent amplifier with no frequency tilt, bass will have weight and speed, the midrange wide open and effortlessly detailed, the high frequency content will be finely etched , exceptionally de- tailed and yet never break into fatiguing brightness. An amplifier so clean that it becomes a looking glass into a recording.


Topology - Dual Mono block with high bias muti driver Class A/B output stage Output power 8 ohms - 150 Watts rms/ch

Output power 4 ohms - 290 Watts rms/ch Output power 2 ohms - 320 Watts rms/ch Total harmonic Distortion - 0.004%

Noise - <100dB

Frequency response - 5Hz—100kHz + 0dB / -3dB 100kHz Balanced XLR inputs -1 pair

Un-balanced RCA - 6 pairs AV direct - 1 Pair

Input gain adjust all inputs - Yes Tape loop - Yes

Balance control - Yes

Lips—master / slave system control Thermal protection

Weight 18Kg

Leema Acoustics Tucana II Anniversary £5495

Available in Black or White from Martins Hi-Fi online here https://shop.martinshifi.co.uk/products/leema-acoustics-tucana-2-anniversary

More information on Leema Acoustics here https://www.leema-acoustics.com/about.html

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