KEF Ci Extreme Theatre Cinema

  • Posted on 23 December 2019

Including THX & Dolby Atmos

As its Christmas, we thought why not treat our Palais de Cinema room to a change. So that is precisely what we have done, with the KEF THX Extreme Home Theatre loudspeaker system.

With the aid of kEF'S engineer supremos, we were able to make the change quickly and without problems. All loudspeakers benefit from custom-built acoustic back boxes, built to the exact dimensions to achieve the full audio performance achievable.

Our Immersive 4K Home Cinema consists of a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos speaker set up with high-performance audio provided by the latest KEF THX-certified standards.

These formidable speakers have the jaw-dropping acoustic capabilities, delivering all the drama and emotional intensity of true theatre sound quality. We have partnered with the new Arcam HDA audiovisual amplifiers and REL sub-woofers.

The revisions have certainly provided us with the improvements in performance that we wished for, and we look forward to demonstrating this stunning system to our customers in the new year.

Please contact us to arrange a personal demonstration.


Our system comprises of the following:


CI3260RL front In-wall LCR left center and right channels

CI4100QL side and rear In-wall channels

CI160QR ceiling-mounted Dolby Atmos channels



HT1508 "Predator" Sub-Woofer

HT1205 Sub-Woofer


AV processing and amplification

New Arcam HDA AV amplification

Dirac room eq treatment

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