Focal Utopia Headphones

  • Posted on 10 October 2022

Focal Utopia Headphones - Next Gen. A new chapter in headphone listening at Martins Hi-Fi

Some days we just have to stop and listen. Today was one of those special days. In a rush to get sound through these gorgeous headphones, we plugged them straight in the front of our Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Amp.

Oh boy! The first note of the first track. It was clear we are dealing with a very special pair of headphones indeed. The sense of space and scale, dynamic slam is a joy. My only issue is trying to wrestle the Utopia Headphones back from Jack.

First impressions are of a state of the art pair of headphones, with addictive properties. 10/10 Switching to the balanced cable made a noticeable difference - next step is to try some different headphone amps.

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close up of the side of a focal headphone

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Focal Headphones