Dear Elizabeth, thankyou!

  • Posted on 22 December 2020

Dear Elizabeth,

One of the beliefs that I have acquired during my life is that people are far readier to criticise rather than to praise! 

I am therefore writing now to record the excellent help and advice that I have received recently from three of your colleagues. My challenge was effectively to exchange some major equipment I bought some years ago from Martins for a large flat in London (now sold)—in essence a pair of B & W 803s backed by Classe amplifiers etc. In its place I sought something more appropriate to the Norfolk cottage to which we have retired.

I felt I was well advised by Steve, who is a pleasure to work with and clearly very knowledgeable, and I am really delighted with the final installation, a naim Uniti Star driving two small but excellent  Spendor speakers together with a REL bass unit. The actual installation was carried out by Jack and Kevin, two delightful professionals for whom nothing was too much trouble.

All in all Martins did a first class job. I really am delighted with my set-up and you  certainly have good colleagues.

With best regard,


PS...As I write this email, I have George Shearing playing in the background on the new outfit, controlled from my i-Pad!

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