dCS Factory Visit

  • Posted on 9 August 2023

dCS Factory Visit 2023

A really interesting day seeing behind the scenes at dCS, the makers of some of the best digital audio products in the world. We were given a tour around the factory showing how everything from the Lina to the Vivaldi were built and tested. The sheer attention to detail, clearly demonstrates the end result of their products and shows why they are some of the best quality products in hifi.

"We were shown a raw aluminium billet that is then cut and shaped into a stunning anodised front panel for the Bartok, Rossini and Vivaldi and why they have such a low tolerance"

I found the introduction to their new Lina Lounge concept very interesting. They have created a model that can be transported around to shows and events worldwide. A sleek premium look to display and demonstrate the brand new Lina products in almost any environment. Something that we may be looking to collaborate on in the near future. So watch this space.

After discussions and meet and greets with most of the team at dCS, we were then given a listening session in their impressive demonstration room. In which we compared the whole range of dCS. Including Lina, Bartok, Apex upgrades, Rossini & finally their flagship Vivaldi. Running their front end through a pair of Wilson Audio Alexx V & Constellation Power amplifier. Even whilst being a dCS retailer and having access to listen to the whole range. It’s rare you get the opportunity to do a side by side comparison in a controlled environment like that. It really showed how clear the performance increases as you went up the range. The difference in the performance you get from adding the clock to the Lina is substantial. Likewise with the rest of the range, as we went through the upgrades and adding additional clock and upscaler to the mix. The presentation became more and more lifelike, opening the soundstage, improvements in the texture and overall resolution.

The day gave me true insight into how dCS go about their business, their general ethos and style is mirrored into their products. They will do their best to get the most out of their products and push performance to its limits at any cost.

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By Sam Runham

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