dCS Bartok Upgrades

  • Posted on 20 May 2022

dCS Bartok Upgrades

Announcing that dCS have applied the technology developed for Rossini and Vivaldi 2.0 to their Bartók platform. Like Vivaldi and Rossini, this performance upgrade is available through a simple firmware update. This update to Bartók brings significant sonic and measured performance gains.

Bartók 2.0 includes the following:

  • Updated RingDAC mapping algorithm based on the Rossini and Vivaldi 2.0. The upgrade includes new user-selectable mapping optimizations to allow for further tailoring of the sonic character of the DAC.
  • Addition of a DSD128 (DSDx2) upsampling option adapted from Vivaldi 2.0 and Rossini 2.0
  • Addition of DSD Filter 5 from Vivaldi and Rossini 2.0

We are delighted with the performance increase that this update has brought to the Bartók platform and are excited to share these gains with our dCS customers who have invested in Bartók.

To support the Bartók 2.0 software update, they have also updated dCS Mosaic. This update is available to all dCS customers as it also provides some minor fixes and stability improvements for dCS network products.

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dCS Bartok 2.0