Cyrus CD Trade-in Offer at Martins Hi-Fi

  • Posted on 1 March 2024



Cyrus CD Trade-in Offer at Martins Hi-Fi 

For the month of March, we will be running a trade-in on either the CDi-XR integrated CD player, or the transport only CDt-XR, when trading in ANY brand of CD player & Save upto £800

The Cyrus CDt-XR and CDi-XR are part of the new XR series of components from Cyrus.

  1. Cyrus CDt-XR CD Transport:

    • The CDt-XR is designed as a reference CD transport, building on the legacy of the CDt and the CD XT Signature models.
    • It incorporates many novel technologies developed in-house at Cyrus over recent years.
    • The familiar Cyrus precision die-cast case remains, but everything else has changed.
    • Key features include:
      • Servo Evolution Mechanism: Cyrus invested heavily in developing their own in-house CD ‘Servo’ mechanism called Servo Evolution. It aims to read as much information as possible from the disc in the first pass, reducing the need for re-reads or error correction. This results in a cleaner data stream for the DAC and less noise induced in the analogue output stages.
      • Noise Reduction Techniques: Upgraded components and intelligently designed circuits using ‘counter-current’ methodologies reduce noise pickup throughout the design. The power flow is optimized to limit the transmission of noise inside the product.
      • Re-Clocking of Digital Signal: The CDt-XR re-clocks the digital signal just before it exits the case, ensuring the absolute purity of the outbound digital signal through both optical and coaxial connections.
    • Price: £2,795.00 
    • Warranty: 5 years
  2. Cyrus CDi-XR Integrated CD Player:

    • The CDi-XR feels like an update of the existing model rather than part of a new upmarket range.
    • Notable technical features include the use of the second-generation 32-bit QXR DAC platform, offering significant technical and sonic improvements over the previous edition.
    • Price: £2,395

During March, we are  running a trade-in offer for both the CDi-XR and CDt-XR. If you trade in ANY brand of CD player, you can take advantage of this promotion. Whether you’re looking for an integrated CD player or a transport-only solution, the XR series promises an unmatched listening experience.


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Cyrus CD Player Trade-In