AVIDHIFI Event at Martins Hi-Fi 16th June

  • Posted on 24 May 2023
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AVIDHIFI Event featuring the brand new Nexus and Altus Tonearms.

Conrad Mas, Founder, CEO, and Designer of AVID HiFi will be joining us for a day of learning and good music.

These ground-breaking tonearms have been many years in development. They have been designed to offer the very best performance. Extensive listening and comparative evaluation means they are without doubt best in class, offering performance way above their relative costs - Perfect!

On the day we will be listening to:
Turntables – AVIDHIFI Acutus Classic and Volvere will be spinning up our vinyl.
AVID Ionic Cartridge
AVID Nexus and AVID Altus Tonearms
Phono Stage – Vitus RP102
Amplifier –Vitus SIA-030 Amplifier
Loudspeakers - KEF Blade 2 Meta
Decoupling – Stillpoints
Cables – Entreq

We are currently listening to the Acutus / Nexus / Ionic setup and are hooked. You are welcome to bring in some vinyl to hear this remarkable Turntable in action. Please contact us for a demonstration, and/or to book a place on the 16th to meet Conrad and ask any technical questions.

Call: 01603 627010
Email: info@martinshifi.co.uk

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