• Posted on 7 September 2020

The art of engineering is what makes us Vinyl enthusiasts go weak at the knees. One of the best examples of and our firm favorite example of form and function is the AVIDHIFI Acutus Turntable.

The aesthetic design of Acutus is born of function, to channel unwanted noise away from the surface of the record. This makes the job of our delicate cartridge much easier, making fine detail retrieval effortless.

Acutus makes even a modest tonearm and cartridge perform, but add a high-end arm and cartridge into the mix, Acutus takes you to the best Classical Recital in Berlin, a smokey Jazz Club in Havanna or to the Studio where every musical nuance and whisper can be interpreted.

Emotive, rewarding, entertaining, addictive, Acutus.

AVIDHIFI at Martins Hi-Fi https://shop.martinshifi.co.uk/collections/avid-hifi

AVIDHIFI website http://www.avidhifi.com/

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