Acoustic Treatment Lowering the Noise Floor

  • Posted on 20 September 2021

Acoustic treatment is most rewarding investment most listeners would ever make and something that will keep on giving, letting you hear the true nature of any new speaker, source, amplifier or ancillary you might introduce into your system, consequently helping you to make the right choice and invest wisely.

Understandably, if you don’t have a dedicated room to listen to music then domestically it can sometimes be challenging to accommodate any truly effective, targeted & specific solutions. There are some relatively simple things that you most likely already or can employ to help with the basic’s – reflective, absorptive surfaces placed at key points – rugs or carpeted floors, wall hangings, curtains, bookcases or even sofas acting as bass traps etc. These are relatively blunt solutions in reality that can often have crude effects elsewhere in the frequency spectrum but nonetheless will help to make things more listenable/enjoyable, but make no mistake whether your room sounds ok or is truly a nightmare our careful measured approach with our products will be revelatory!

With Acustica Applicata and Stillpoints Aperture 2’s we have the two most accomplished and wholly effective room acoustic tools on the market. Both are able to be positioned, repositioned and are both adjustable as well as effective while leaving a near invisible acoustic fingerprint, when applied appropriately and correctly.

We would urge anyone, where possible, to have their room surveyed by ourselves and one of our partners to unlock the potential of your system.

Acoustic Treatment Products at Martins Hi-Fi

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Acoustic Treatments