Luxury Home Cinema Design & Installation



A bespoke home cinema, inspired by the clients and installed in a 200 year old property.


This home is a two-hundred-year-old barn being, which has been sympathetically converted into a modern family home. The room designated for the cinema was the perfect dark room, no windows, perfect for the purpose required.


The brief was to design and build a Home Cinema with the capacity to seat up to 8 people, be both simple to use but deliver the best cinematic qualities available. Inspired by a love for film, the overall effect must deliver a true cinematic experience.


We have two cinema rooms available for potential customers to enjoy, this is an incredible resource, allowing customers to see what can be achieved, how technology can be integrated, but most importantly allows them to imagine their own home cinema, the space, the seating, screen and level of technology they want.


Ultimately their home cinema had to include dedicated cinema seating, LED lighting and custom cabinetry for the equipment. The cinema room was to have a high-quality luxury feel, clean with built in loudspeakers, along with high quality fixtures and finish.


Our work


At every step we ensure client has a full understanding of what is happening and how we are realising their design. We produced a full set of design drawings detailing the layout, screen wall construction, ceiling, wall and screen lighting design and audio-visual requirements.


During the construction of the cinema room, we arranged to meet with the client and their building team, to discuss the project as it progressed, ensuring that everything is progressing on budget and on time.


In order to produce the performance, the client had desired, we selected the best products to meet the requirements, building the cinema to the exact Dolby Atmos cinema exacting standards. It was important that the correct engineered approach was taken in delivering such quality.


Dedicated custom cabinetry was designed and build to accommodate the audio-visual equipment and sub-woofers, providing a clean look and feel to the room. Carefully designed and installed LED lighting including Blue LED strip around the screen was implemented, again to add and enhance the cinema experience.




The best bit of any installation is handover, we always take time to fully explain the system, what is what and how the system operates plus tips to help them get the most for their new home cinema.


The clients feedback has been wonderful, they are over the moon with the new system, with smiles on everyone's faces. The whole family are thoroughly enjoying it, immersing themselves in all types of movie, from Frozen to Marvel providing a true cinema experience to which they can lose themselves in. They are very happy with their new home cinema and pleased they invested in it, with the client saying that they have always wanted their own home cinema.


Home Cinema Design and Installation