Classe is back and the new Delta Series seems a welcome return to form for the Canadian high-end audio manufacturer.

A brief history, founded in 1980. The original and lauded DR-2 Classé amplifier was an unconventional product; a stereo amp of only 25W working in Class A. It inspired the company name and inspired those music lovers with the good fortune to own one.

In 2001 Classe became part of the mighty Bowers & Wilkins Group, however in 2016 when EVA Automation purchased Bowers & Wilkins we feared we had seen the last of this classic Canadian brand.

Fast forward to 2021 and they are back! Sound United has brought them back to the mainstream and they have set about launching the brand new Delat Series. Three products have been announced, the Delta Pre, Delta Stereo and Delta Mono.

Classe logo

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