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Friday, 15th February 2019 The brief was at once simple and complex: a). to replace an ailing SACD/CD player and b). to find a solution to my high-res download playback problems without the nightmares of networking; an earlier attempt (not Martin’s!) was disastrous, and subsequent auditions of potential solutions have proved futile. Ian’s inspired suggestion was to look at T+A Elektroakustik’s multiplayer PDP 3000 HV and Melco’s N1ZS2A Music Library. He generously set up an in-store audition replicating my home equipment where I was able to undertake painstaking side-by-side SACD/CD/download comparisons. That proved revelatory, since the T+A outperforms other high-end SACD players I have heard and, combined with the Melco, is a stunning vehicle for download playback, absolutely nailing the case for 24-96+ files. Over the ten years that I have been a Martin’s customer, I’ve had great support from Marcus and Steve, and now Ian has proved a genius at getting me to the point I so desperately wanted to reach. I am also most grateful for Ian’s exemplary installation - professional, efficient and very considerate. I know that I could never have got here on my own, and it is precisely this exceptional level of expertise and support that keeps me returning to Martin’s. I am hugely pleased with the results which, literally, have to be heard to be believed. G GRH Feb
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