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In this age of super fast inner-city broadband, it is still not unusual for us to encounter clients with download speeds of 5Mb or below due to the rural region in which we operate.

Often these slow connections are shared between multiple users each with several connected devices, all trying to access bandwidth-hungry online services. Upload speeds are of course even worse and without careful management of the bandwidth, a single device can potentially swamp the connection for hours or even days while it attempts to upload photos, videos and other media to the cloud. Sometimes customers are not even aware when their devices are configured to do this and not aware of the impact it has on their connection. It is something we see very frequently.

Until the issue of rural broadband speeds is fully resolved this problem will not go away. But until then there is a solution. It involves replacing the free ISP router with a much better unit and configuring something called “Bandwidth management”. This is a completely bespoke configuration for each household, tailored to the individual needs of the occupants where different devices and services can be put into a priority order so that important data will get through whilst the kids are busy watching Netflix and listening to Spotify. In summary, it reduces the frustration of having slow broadband and makes a shared connection more usable.

All of our SMART home installations incorporate this facility to ensure that there is always bandwidth available for all of the connected services and the user experience is an enjoyable one

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