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January, 2020
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Martins have been designing and installing lighting control systems for a number of years.

We found the need to integrate lighting with Home Theatre Systems when we had to provide all home theatre functions, on one easy to use interface. Our Clients were so pleased with the results they asked us to design and install whole-house lighting control.

A light control system is a great solution if you're looking to increase both the safety and comfort of your home. Automated lighting control systems can improve your quality of life and add a level of security to your property. These control systems can be integrated into smart-home technology to communicate with other systems in the home such as alarms, stereo systems, and home theatre and entertainment systems.


Light control systems give a homeowner complete control over the activation and deactivation of both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures. In addition to programming when the lights can be turned on, off, or dimmed in certain locations, a homeowner can activate certain lights with a remote control device or a push-button panel to light up a specific, dark area and thereby improve safety for the entire premises.


Light control systems can either be hard-wired or wireless, and each type offers a different level of control and functionality. In a hard-wired system, lighting fixtures and components are connected through a central control panel that can be installed anywhere on the property. In a wireless system, the lighting fixtures and appliances communicate with a central control panel and with each other via radio signals or a wireless internet connection. A light control system can be a whole-house project, or a local installation to control only certain fixtures and lighting appliances in a given area.

Types of applications

A light control system can be programmed to control lighting inside and outside the home. For example, hallway lights can be turned on or dimmed by a motion detector to illuminate a pathway at night. Light control systems can also be linked to a home security system to turn on immediately when an alarm is set off, or when a CCTV device detects someone or something in the area.

Energy benefits

One of the most significant benefits of installing a light control system is its ability to save energy. Homeowners who want to reduce energy costs by as much as 40 percent can install light dimmers and automated on and off switches for certain lighting fixtures to save money each time the light is turned on. Light control systems can be programmed on a set schedule or activated by motion so that lights are not left for long periods.

Expert Installation

If required we work with other industry experts to achieve synergy with your installation and your home.  With out many years of experience we can advise on the best system for you, now and in the future.  Our in house team provides project management, design, programming and installation expertise to provide a "one stop solution".

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