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"Hello Ian Thank you for all your efforts to get a good price for me and I am delighted to have been able to place this order with you today. I... more HPY IAN - Norfolk
January, 2020
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Martins Home Control Systems

Smart Home automation hubs are the solution to unifying all your connected Smart products, HiFi and CCTV equipment. The Hub control is run through one app unifying all your equipment into one place, resolving issues caused by accessing and maintaining multiple apps via phones and tablets. A systems such as Control4 allow you total control and remote access to your home.


Wireless Home & Data Network

Home Servers are used to supply multimedia content, including photo’s, music and video to all the playback devices in your household. Creating your own home cloud network gives you the instant access to all your files and software. Also allowing you a secure backup for all your sensitive files, and your memories both video and photo.

Structured Cabling and Wireless

Often referred to as the arteries of the Smart Home. The simple solution to slow down as too many products try to access your router and everyone’s performance slows down. The structured cabling and wireless access points, ensure you have a balanced fast and reliable network. Each room having its own network connection. Managed by your hub this can track your access point as you move around the house enabling multi-room streaming to follow you around the house. Your connection strength and speed will be monitored and sustained through your network allowing you access to music streaming, CCTV footage or even controlling your house heating down to the room you are in.

A reliable and robust Home Control system allows your smart home to perform as you expect, anticipate your needs such as remote monitoring and future proofing your smart home with a backbone of powerful access points and high-speed internet.

Martins Hi-Fi can offer you complete control over your network. Using specialist software enables complete network command and control for wired and wireless networks. With wireless controller functionality, it’s easier than ever to manage, update, configure, and optimize entire networks quickly and efficiently.

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