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January, 2020
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Under the heading Security, Surveillance brings primary peace to homeowners. The smart home of today is able to alert you through various devices about doors opening, smoke fire and break-ins.
The digital camera revolution within smart homes design has enabled you to store many hours of footage on single drives. Using DVR (digital video recording) allows you to record multiple cameras over periods of months with no need to change the data storage system, replacing your DVD recorder and allowing instant access through your phone, tablet or PC.
Smart Home analysts have recently confirmed that Security is at the heart of the homeowner’s brief, followed by lighting and whole home audio. The protection of possibly your largest asset Is now seen as a major element in all new smart home installations.  
The camera system provides you with immediate visual verification of events, instant access to your home system. A good system should offer viewing of live images on any of your televisions or smart touch panels in your home, plus the ability to use remote viewing through Phones and other compatible devices. Camera technology has evolved to include night vision, 4k, digital zoom and removal of problems such as poor light or motion blur.
A Martins system will not only allow you access to this technology but installation from our experienced team can be as discreet as you want, allowing you the benefits of this type of security whilst also having it hidden from sight. Providing you 24-hour access to your home via the internet, or the ability to sit in your lounge and see who is at your gate.
Our Integrated Home case study shows how you can control all aspects of your smart home, to view click 

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